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Poster: Max Reiner Date: May 1, 2012 4:53am
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Fix Poor Audio Quality, Please? Thanks

That's OK. Thanks for your concern! I don't know how much into audio fix up you are. But I'll leave this message anyway.

However I don't think the poor quality on certain shows can be fixed on this website. Otherwise they would have been checked for audio quality in the first place. That is, I don't think some people who make these shows available care or are not smart enough to know the difference. They just want to catalog things. It's just a certain mindset like that, unfortunately.

Other researchers and compilers obviously do. And there are shows on Archive that are in rather good quality. For that I am quite happy.

Thus after consideration, I don't think the people who download certain batches of shows know or care about the audio quality. They are just concerned about compiling shows.

So don't bother yourself. There is another website that has tons of old radio shows. Most of them are in good shape. Trouble is, they are just single files not linked together like this site.

So I could just sit here and copy those good quality shows from that other website. No, I won't mention which website. It might stir up trouble. Egos are funny things, you know. HA!

I am guessing that the poor quality shows might come from taped copies that were copied with the playback head out of azimuth. I have a story about head azimuth that you might enjoy. Back when I was getting into producing radio spots, I sent out copies to radio stations. They were rejected. I couldn't figure out why. They someone told me about head azimuth. After that, I was very careful to have my "heads zeroed in," so to speak. :)

So now, I spent 30 years in the broadcast/AV/writing related business. Twas fun. And like all communication businesses, it was full of lots of highs and lows. HA! I wrote several stories about my adventures.

What do you do? Can you tell me?



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Poster: technicaldave Date: May 1, 2012 9:30am
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Fix Poor Audio Quality, Please? Thanks

Very interesting and comprehensive reply - thanks!

My main area is live sound - both designing operating and mixing with systems, but I've dabbled in sound production and so spent countless hours browsing various software solutions and programs.

I was given the (paid) task of transferring a load of tape recordings of a family friends' children chatting at an early age and singing songs, so thought I'd take it up and so I loved making them sound great, and hearing the 'wow' from a client after some restoration!

I love anything computer/sound/light related so it all interests me and keeps me learning, which is great.

At the minute I'm studying computer science with robotics at King's College in London, UK - which is a great course for me. Also being in London opens me up to a wide range of opportunities, and hopefully many in sound.

But I totally get your point about the content vs sonic quality. All the same, if there are pieces of audio with distracting amounts of degradation evident then it's always a fun task to see what I can make of it, but I guess it's only worth it when noticed!


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Poster: Max Reiner Date: May 1, 2012 2:36pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Fix Poor Audio Quality, Please? Thanks

Hi There Dave!

Wow! Nice reply. Glad you took my comments in an objective way. You are certainly into this whacky world of AV. I think that we are all "trapped" by our talents, so we might as well do the best we can with them.

I grew up listening to what were then "new" radio shows. The internet is a God-send of being able to listen to those shows again. Wonderful thing about Archive is that the folks did take the time to laboriously download the shows. And I know nothings perfect. Many shows have great quality. For example, nearly all of The Lone Ranger shows sound like they did when they were originally broadcast. Thus I suspect most of them are vertical cut transcriptions. That is, they were cut with a "hill and dale" or up and down cutting head. This completely eliminates any surface noise. Guess what? The CDs/DVDs today are recorded in that way. Then there are the lateral discs, which we all know as the way vinyl records are recorded. That goes with worn grooves and surface noise.

If you want to read a really good book, get hold of "The Mystery of the Masked Man's Music by Reginald M. Jones. It's all about how they came use mainly classical music and all the tracks they used. However cues were also contracted to Cy Feuer. His cues were also used in old western movies. He also composed the music to the Broadway musical and later movie "How To Succeed In Business."

I just checked Amazon and they want $36 for it.! I will bet you can check it out of a large library though. That's where I found a copy. And that's not all! I stumbled upon all the cues used in the Lone Ranger radio shows on the internet!

If you have an ear to classical music, you will spot the public domain music they used. They used music by long dead composers because there were no royalty fees. All those were recorded in Italy. No labor unions. It was a buyout. The Wm Tell Overture finale theme of the show uses an Italian military trumpet. :)

That's enough for now, If you wish, I would love to write you about old time radio.

And it looks like we both agree that unless you stumble upon poor audio and you want to try to fix it, that is better than tediously going down the list of shows. And it looks like I'm the only person who notices any quality difference. HA!